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We love you to bring your pets to The Ridge, they are part of the family after all! 

The Ridge, Gloucester - Pets

Pets are allowed to accompany guests to The Ridge House and The Ridge Eco-Cabins, with prior notification and approval only. 

The Ridge House and The Ridge Eco-Cabins are fenced, but to keep cattle out not pets in!    The Ridge retains the right to refuse approval as its sole discretion.


Pet owners are asked you to acknowledge and to observe the following conditions:

  • No more than two pets are allowed with any booking.

  • Guests must advise The Ridge of the size and or breed of the pet(s) requested to come to The Ridge at the time of booking.

  • If a cat is brought onto the property, it must be supervised at all times when inside.  Cats must be made to toilet outside and all cat hair must be cleaned from all floors, furniture etc by the guest prior to departure.

  • Dogs are to be generally restricted to being on the outside deck and non garden areas within the property, must made to toilet outside. 

  • Dogs must not be allowed to dig in the garden areas.

  • If guests have an "inside dog" that is OK - BUT it must be supervised at all times when inside, AND dogs must not go onto the beds, couches etc and must not be allowed to lie on blankets, towels etc.

  • All dog hair must be cleaned from all floors, furniture etc by the guest prior to departure.

  • All pet droppings with the property must be cleaned up and disposed of responsibly by the guests.

  • If guests go out and leave a pet at the property it MUST BE TIED UP OUTSIDE.

  • There may be ticks in the area so we recommend that you take preventative precautions with all pet(s), before, during and after the stay at The Ridge.

  • There are also cattle and various wildlife on the property, so please be aware of and control interaction with these animals.

  • Guests and pet owners must acknowledge that we accept no liability for any injury, illness etc that may occur to their pet(s) while on the property.

  • The booking guest and pet owners accept full responsibility and liability for any damage, injury etc that their pet may cause while on the property.

  • Any damage or extra cleaning requirements due to pet(s) will be charged at cost plus 15% management fee.

  • If guests do not comply with this Policy and Conditions they may be asked to remove the pet from the property immediately and or depart the property themselves.  

View with dog sitting on deck
Dog on deck
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